An increase in sales of new generation indoor antennae has led suppliers to consider more residents of apartments and rental accommodation are updating their televisions or opting for convenience and cost-savings.

Avico Electronics , suppliers of audio, visual and communication accessories, have experienced an increase in sales of their new generation, high performance indoor television antennae over the past eight months, which they see as an acknowledgement of the proficiency the new antenna technology can deliver.

And while the real cause of the spike is not certain, it is certainly good news for those in rental accommodation, large apartment blocks and caravans where the installation of an external aerial is difficult or restricted.

Avico Electronics have experienced significant demand for their new TVA85 indoor TV Amplified Antenna with remote control. This compact, silver/grey device delivers good visuals and sound through UHF/VHF/FM elements and rods.

More importantly, it can be adjusted with the Amplification Variable Gain Control to improve reception should the picture quality be affected by external forces such as adverse weather conditions.

The UHF element and receiver, plus the VHF/FM rods, can be rotated and adjusted to fine tune picture quality with the convenient remote control from the comfort of an armchair.

A similar model to the TVA85, but without the remote control, is the TVA70. Both models feature the Variable Gain Control and are designed for UHF and VHF television channels plus FM radio and HDTV. And for digital television plus UHF, VHF and FM radio Avico Electronics say their TVA100 is the suitable answer.

Standing only 130mm wide and 220mm high, this sleek, clean-lined antenna has a self setting amplifier to ensure the maximum possible reception at all times that gives good reception for digital television as well as analogue channels. It too has adjustable gain control plus LED power-on indicator and 75 Ohms plug.

All Avico Electronics’ indoor television amplified antennae are available nationally from most electrical retailers, audio/visual outlets and department stores.