Avico Australia  believe many consumers are paying considerable sums to invest in advanced television and audio technology, but are still being denied the purity of sound and picture this technology can deliver due to their ignorance of the existence or importance of HDMI.

HDMI or High Definition Multi-media Interface, available from Avico Australia, is a new audiovisual cabling that not only delivers a much higher quality vision and sound than standard cabling but also eliminates the tangle of wires that are usually seen behind the flat panel screen or sound system.

Before HDMI, full digital High Definition signals were sent through an analogue source, meaning the conversion of the digital signal to analogue and back again resulted in some loss of picture quality. Likewise with audio transmissions, the sound could often appear a little distorted or muffled.

The HDMI format allows seamless transition of the signal from its source to the screen or speaker (such as Dolby Digital or DTS). And this all happens with just one single HDMI connector instead of the numerous connectors and leads required with the analogue system.

Another advantage of HDMI cabling is that it enables the user to control any device connected through HDMI with a single remote control. For example, when choosing to watch a DVD the user can instruct, which other linked components to turn off or on at the press of a button on the same remote control.

And Avico advise any consumer with digital components such as televisions, DVDs, Playstations and sound systems who might be experiencing interference, video ‘noise’, distortion or a lack of crispness to the sound to check the cabling. By replacing the multiple analogue cables with a single 1.3b compliant HDMI cable the overall performance of all connected components will be improved.

Avico’s Origin brand of 1.3b compliant HDMI cables are available in six lengths (making them suitable for most installations) – 1.5m, 3m, ,6m, 10m, 15m and 20 metres. Origin cables are available nationally from most electrical retailers, audio/visual specialists and department stores.