Avico Electronics supplies a complete array of specialty brands and innovative solutions. Avico Electronics offers products of various brands like Avico, Isix, Dekk, B Tech, Neotech, Neotech Origin and Neotech Element.

Isix products from Avico Electronics provide a blend of unique design, innovation and superior technical engineering. These products suit areas from data to audio, from video to combination audio video as well as digital and pro theatre. Avico Electronics offers Isix Two Tone, which is a collection of quality electronics accessories.

Dekk products from Avico Electronics are audio video hardware and related accessories. Neotech brand products are also supplied by Avico Electronics. These products provide innovative solutions and deliver superior quality. They also come with a minimum warranty period of 12 months and sometimes a lifetime warranty as well. Avico Electronics also offers Neotech quality coaxial cables.

Avico Electronics supplies Origin and Element brand products as well. Both these brands from Avico Electronics comprise of products which have been manufactured using cable advanced technology. Avico Electronics offers a minimum warranty period of 12 months and sometimes even lifetime warranty.