AVE Services  provides inspection and testing services for aircrafts. AVE Services offers onsite inspection and auditing services for a range of domestic, private and public aircrafts. AVE Services help domestic and private aircraft designers in modifying and up grading their vehicle. AVE Services provides approval and quality accreditation services for helping engineers and aircraft designers in making modifications to their vehicle. AVE Services conducts onsite inspections and provides its clients with Civil Aviation Safety Authority certificate. AVE Services maintains a comprehensive quality system for its inspection and testing activities. AVE Services conducts its safety audits and testing activities according to occupational health and safety standards.

AVE Services provides its clients with technical data and materials suitable for making the required alterations to the aeronautical equipment. AVE Services maintenance and overhauling services to its clients with aircraft repair and support needs. AVE Services provides its clients with detailed plans suitable for modifying and remodeling the aircraft.

AVE Services offers detailed planning services for deigning airworthiness directives, modification reports, inspection and auditing reports, service bulletins and testing reports.