Avanes Engineering  has 30 years of experience in the elevator industry and offers products that are in line with prescribed Australian Standards AS1735.

The products from Avanes Engineering are of good quality and speak well of its experience and its alliance with many international elevator companies. These companies are cautiously selected by Avanes Engineering to in order to meet the standards and the demands of customers.

The products offered by Avanes Engineering range from standard type passenger lifts through to special one off installations. These elevators from Avanes Engineering are apt for both residential and commercial applications. Avanes Engineering takes pride in offering valuable insight to clients, which ensures that all the necessary information regarding products is extended to them.

Some products offered by Avanes Engineering are commercial freight elevator installations, escalators, electro-hydraulic passenger lifts, moving walks and many more. Avanes Engineering also provides free consultation to clients on aspects like lifts, escalators and moving walks. Avanes Engineering extends services ranging from designing of a project through to installation and commissioning.