Avalon Creations has 30 years of experience in glass etching. Avalon Creations also etch designs onto metals and plastics. Avalon Creations provides range of products for interior and exterior use, which could have both domestic as well as commercial applications.

Some of the offerings from Avalon Creations have commercial and domestic applications such as partitioning, pool fencing, signage, garden features, welcoming plaques, privacy, overhead windows, tiles and more.

Avalon Creations provides a special assortment of products and services in the field. The range includes Glass Coat 8H, All Frosted Finish, Line Only Frosted, Pattern Gradation, Many Layer Etching and more. Glass Coat 8H is mainly offered to protect the etched designs from the elements. In All Frosted Finish, the sub-straight is sand blasted to feature a frosted piece.

Avalon Creations provides mirrors with options like etched into back, etched into front or with both. Avalon Creations further offers plaques that have wide range of applications in decorative fixings, letter boxes, house numbers, photos, logos, etc.

Avalon Creations offers photo etching, timber etching, stone etching, steel etching etc. Avalon Creations further provides products that can be used as memorial items and memorial gifts like baby memorials, pet memorials, etc. Avalon Creations even extends products for welcome boards, vases, seat cards and photo frames.