Avalon Creations offers advice and products made by using creative etching techniques. Avalon Creations is a specialist in custom glass etching and can customise a gamut of images and designs, which suit various premises like home, office, restaurant or any commercial space.

Avalon Creations also offers on-site etching services. The designs and creations from Avalon Creations are sand blasted onto existing sub-straights. This is done without using any harmful chemicals.

Avalon Creations offers designs that are stated to be durable and will not fade and peel out. The creations from Avalon Creations are effective in avoiding cracks and bubbles. Avalon Creations also offers an option of illuminated paint, which is patented as neo flash. These are specially designed paints, which under natural light give a look of original etching.

The entire price ranges from Avalon Creations are quoted based on square meter. The prices also depend on design, kind of applications and materials being used for etching. Avalon Creations makes use of glass coating material, which is hard glass. This protects the etching against a wide range of elements such as dirt and fingerprints