AV Action  supplies audio visual accessories that include video scalers, line doublers, scan converters, visualisers, overhead projectors, lecterns, trolleys, carts and many such products. The scan converters offered by AV Action are used to convert PC video for viewing on normal television. The HandView II is compact and easy to carry. It supports resolution up to 1280*1024 60Hz. It is suitable for displaying internet pages, PC DVD, PC games, presentations and many other similar purposes. This scan converter is best suited for classroom application to provide a large and better view. The Ultimate XP Pro is a video converter that gives the best image output on TVs. It is user friendly and is available in varied designs and colours.

The Line Doublers supplied by AV Action helps to convert TV signals for viewing on computer monitor, projectors, plasma TV and the like. The Video Console II helps to convert TV signal onto screens and projectors with high resolution and better quality.

The range of lecterns offered by AV Action includes CSU540 model with amplifier, speakers and mics, executive lectern series. AV Action also offers a range of basic lanterns with no complicated fittings. The lecterns supplied by AV Action are offered with a wide choice of options. A wide range of PA systems are also offered by AV Action. The PA system includes speakers, amplifier, DVD player, cassette player, headset, microphone and a lapel microphone.