Autoslide Pty Ltd has introduced a new automatic door system designed for pets to enter the house.

The new Autoslide pet mat sensor slides under the doormat and activates the door via radio transmitter when the pet stands on the mat. This simple-to-use device can be moved around to gain the best method of approach for the pet. The transmitter is attached to the door frame using Velcro and the mat is positioned under a conveniently located doormat.

Previous models required the owner to hit a remote control or use an infrared sensor mounted next to the door to let the pet in and out. While these methods are useful, the new pet mat sensor has more flexibility as it can be moved about to match the path of travel that the pet uses to approach the door. 

Feedback from clients indicates the pet quickly learns that stepping on the mat will open the door. An added advantage is that the mat uses very little power, allowing batteries to last longer than those used in the infrared sensor.

The new mat is easier to install and provides a bigger activation area, which leads to less likelihood of the door closing on the pet.