Automatic Solutions  are one of distributor, importer as well as reseller of wide range of quality products such as Automatic Gates, Remote Control Gates, Sliding Gates, Electric Gates, Swing & Hinged Gates, Sliding Gate Hardware, Sliding Gate wheels & rollers, Cantilever Sliding Gate and Swing gate hardware - Hinges Solar Powered Automatic Gates and so on. Automatic Solutions imports equipments directly from major manufacturers located in Italy such as RIB, TAU, FAC, O&O industries as well as local Australian companies like Automatic Technology Australia and Videoman, Elsema.

Automatic Solutions offers various kinds of Automation gates, Hardware gates, Access control system, DIY gates, Solar systems, Security equipments, Barriers and Gates. The Hinged gate automation offered by Automatic Solutions are available for industrial, domestic, commercial and solar powered. The domestic hinge gates encompass medium duty cycle rating limiting it exclusively for domestic premises. Domestic hinge gate series consists of ASA 300, prince, ASA401, 225, ASA600, King, Premier, 270, R40, ASA2 and R18.

The commercial hinge gate from Automatic Solutions consists of high duty cycle rating that is especially designed for intensive use. The domestic sliding gate is motor designed with a smaller work load that comprises of medium duty cycle rating that is well suited for domestic premises. The domestic sliding gate variety includes ASA4, K500 and K500FAST, ASA6, K800, ASA8, SPEED 8, K800FAST and SPEED 2.