The commercial hinge gate of Automatic Solutions consists of 225, R40, 270, Idro 39 and Idro 27. The industrial hinge gate variety offered by Automatic Solutions covers Idro 27, IGD 370 and Idro 39. The Garage door automation is comprehensive as well as ready to install doors. The kits of garage door automation encompass two remote controls. Automatic Solutions offers kits for tilt-doors, roller doors, panelift or sectional doors. Garage door automation includes variety such as MR800, 230T and M844-M840-M530P.

The remotes and receiver series of Automatic Solutions includes wireless receivers and remote controls. Remote control transmitter includes variety of types such as REMT4EL3, REMRIB, REMTAU4, MOONCLONE, REMTAUSILIM, REM01201, GLR43301, RXPR0R4, FMT-401 and RCTX4-U. Automatic Solutions offers large range of logic controllers such as LOGIT2, LOGICK2 24V, LOGICCB6, LOGICK50, LOGICTUA12, LOGICK32R and LOGICK31. Automatic Solutions offers various ways in which clients are enabled the option of opening gates as well as have control over various kinds of situations with help of key switches, keypads and egress beams and so on. Electric gate locks of Automatic Solutions include variety of types like Lockbott, Lockstrike and Lockloop.

The safety beam of Automatic Solutions comes exclusively in two main types such as send or receive and reflective. The swing and gate hardware equipment of Automatic Solutions consists of gate stops and hinges. The swing gate hinges includes HINGE120, Adjustable hinge bottom, Adjustable hinge top, Bottom bearing hinge 50*50*3 SHS, 180HINGE, BIGHINGE and so on.