Automatic Openings  offers products such as automatic gates, industrial doors, automatic doors, bollards, boom gates, intercoms, access control and accessories. The automatic gates of Automatic Openings are available for all kinds of applications starting from domestic to high security industrial requirements. Automatic Openings offers automatic gates of all brands starting from Aprimatic, Ditec, Automatic technology, Faac, Came, ICD, Mhouse, Genius and Gibidi.

The gate automation systems are designed as well as installed with reliability, safety and asthetics in mind. All systems can be retro fitted to the existing gates or installed and supplied as a part of the package. Automation in terms of commercial and residential application comprises of offices, homes, healthcare, shops and disability access. The Automatic swing doors of Automatic Openings helps in saving energy from cooling and heating system by ensuring that the doors are closed when not in use. The B & D garage doors of Automatic Openings are for panel lift, flexi, sectional, concertina and swing application.

Automatic Openings offers one of the highest quality Australian doors along with wide variety of styles and colour range. The commercial and industrial doors provided by Automatic Openings include Aircrafts hangers, Cool rooms, factories and underground car parks, storage facilities.