Automatic Heating offers a wide range of products in its Duraflex Eco Range designed to assist with HVAC installations and maintenance.

The Duraflex Eco Range includes automatic air vents, deaerators, vacuum degassers, dirt separators and hydraulic separators, all designed to improve installation and process efficiency of HVAC systems as well as reduce system maintenance, malfunctions and failure.

All HVAC heating and cooling systems inherently have dirt and air present within, impacting the efficiency and increasing operational costs and maintenance.


Fluid systems always contain some oxygen and nitrogen. Air leads to corrosion and excessive wear and tear of expensive components, causing loss of efficiency, and increased system failure and energy consumption. 


Dirt particles can cause enormous problems, including system malfunctions and increased wear on components. Corrosion particles are drawn to the magnetic fields in the system around pumps, valves and control valves. Other dirt particles travel around the system and end up in the slow moving areas, mostly in the major equipment. While filters can be installed, they do not remove all dirt particles.

Automatic Heating’s Duraflex Eco Range offers solutions for removing dirt and air from HVAC systems.