Automatic Heating supplied Eurogen condensing boilers for the HVAC systems at the Adelaide Oval stadium in Adelaide, SA.

Adelaide sports fans will return to a bigger and brighter stadium this summer with the Adelaide Oval having undergone a $535 million redevelopment. Features include a new Eastern Grandstand with 4700 seats, a new small stand on the South Mound with seating for just under 1000 and a new Eastern Gatehouse and Oval Entrance. 

Automatic Heating supplied Eurogen condensing boilers fitted with Enterprise gas burners to provide heated water for the building’s HVAC systems. Eurogen condensing boilers were chosen to meet the project’s stringent specification for energy efficiency and long term reliability.

Duraflex expansion tanks and dirt and air separators, which greatly aided the commissioning processes and will increase the longevity of the HVAC systems, were also supplied.