Auto Gate Systems Australia  is a supplier of automated gate systems and equipment to the residential and commercial sectors in Australia. This equipment from Auto Gate Systems Australia can be used for any type of gate such as the state-of-the-art access control systems or traditional roller wheel gates.

Auto Gate Systems Australia offers DIY kits to customers who wish to automate their own gates. These kits are accompanied by instruction manuals that provide every detail in the process of gate automation. Some of the DIY kits from Auto Gate Systems Australia are Deimos, Phobos and Virgo.

Gate accessories like safety beams and battery back up units are provided by Auto Gate Systems Australia. These ensure the proper and efficient functioning of gates. The popular accessories from Auto Gate Systems Australia are enclosures, intercoms, locks, power supplies, safety options, keys witches and keypads.

Hardware from Auto Gate Systems Australia includes cantilever gate hardware, gate stops, track racks, wheels and track guides.

All Auto Gate Systems Australia products comply with the Australian standards of design and safety. The industries where these products are mostly used are security companies, government agencies, gate installers and manufacturers.