Auto Entry, through its parent DORMA BWN Automatics (DORMA), offers glass pivot doors, sliding doors, and swing doors. The DORMA VISUR System provides glass pivot doors free of all fittings and visible hardware. The doors under this range are totally transparent, delivering freedom, flexibility, light and space.

The sliding doors under this range work on sophisticated electronics and offer reliability, longevity and various operating options. The models available include AL 401, EL 301, HD, SL201, Bi-Slide, Low Profile, Breakout and Power Train.

Swing Doors from DORMA’s technology provide safe as well as easily accessible entrances in a range of applications. The models are ED 200, ED 800 and CD 80. There are certain optional features designed to augment the functionality of all the automatic door operators. These include a Microhead Sensor, a People Counter Kit, SK Switches, P2 Push Button, Options Board, Customer Mode Pad, Privacy package, Presco Keypad, Mode switch, K3 and K4 Key Switches, M2 and M4 Mode Switch, Rocker Switches and Floor Guides.

Auto Entry’s DORMA also offers furniture and fittings for glass doors and decorative glass systems. The products available under this range include patch fittings, rail assemblies, glass door locking solutions, sliding door assemblies, glass operable wall solutions, shower and bathroom fittings, pool and glass balustrade fittings, structural fittings and assemblies. The Movable Walls or wall partitions range offers operable walls, accordion partitions, art storage and Verti storage systems.