Architects and builders now have the choice of a new, stylish and lightweight, slate roofing product with good environmental credentials - at a cost much less than quarried Welsh or Spanish slate.

Authentic Roof Australia  has launched a new roof slate, specifically designed and engineered to be an improvement on natural slate.

According to Alan Cummins, director Authentic Roof Australia, the new roof slate is made from recycled rubber, costs less than natural roof slate and is durable and fade resistant to UV rays. The new roof slate is also easy to install.

Architects and builders can select from three impressive colours, black, dark grey and light grey, to complement their architectural detail for a classic effect.

Authentic Roof Australia’s slate will not split, or corrode, and fully complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS 2049.

The new roof slate is lightweight, and weighs far less than natural slate, ceramic slate and concrete or terracotta tiles. This reduces the load on the roof trusses, eliminating the need for extra structural support.

Authentic roof slate is easy to install and can be cut with a sharp Stanley knife, circular saw, jigsaw or bandsaw, increasing its flexibility.

Importantly, the new roof slate will not crack in heavyhailstorm or warp or disfigure in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

The slate is made from recycled materials. These include rubber and polymer materials Baljen Thermal Poly Olefins – a durable, environmentally safe material, made without harmful chemicals or plasticisers which can leach out in sunshine.

This means you have a classic roof slate, made from recycled materials and, at the end of the lifecycle, the new roof slate itself can be recycled. It’s perfectly safe to drink your rainwater. (Tested and passed by AMS laboratory AS 4020)

The moulds for the slates are computer engineered and precision crafted to achieve the special, natural look of 100 year old slates.

Authentic Roof Australia can assist with the specification of the roof slates and provide technical details.