Cube, a lightweight range of acoustic panels from Autex, is now available in six new colours. Designed to deliver excellent acoustic performance, flexibility, long-term stability and customisability, Cube panels can be used in a broad range of interior applications.

The Cube colour range is growing

The Cube palette now includes Parthenon, Sargazo, Gherkin, Beehive, Muralla and Cavalier featuring modern takes on archetypal hues.

From yolky sunrise yellow, to subtle dusky purple, Autex’s six new Cube colours span the full chromatic spectrum, representing a rich offering of refreshing, contemporary hues to round out the Cube colour range. These colours also derive their names from iconic architectural masterpieces.

From panelling to desk screens, let the new Cube colours come to life in your space.

Autex’s new Cube colours are available across a selected range of interior acoustic products.