Austex Bonded Waddings  is one of the manufacturers of high-loft waddings in terms of bedding, upholstery and furnishing, from cotton and polyester. Austex Bonded Waddings offers product variety such as furniture, bedding, ducting, insulation, industrial and filter media. Austex Bonded Waddings has been manufacturing polyester products on Queensland's Gold Coast for more than 17 years. Austex Bonded Waddings adheres to strict quality control procedures in order to ensure product quality, performance and reliability.

Austex Bonded Waddings manufactures a diverse range of polyester products for various purposes. Austex Bonded Waddings offers its polyester products for thermal and acoustic insulation and ducting to filter media and industrial wadding. The insulation products offered by Austex Bonded Waddings are manufactured keeping in the exact specification with reference to quality control, continuous research and testing in order to ensure quality as well as consistency across total range of products. Austex Bonded Waddings, in addition manufacture as well as supplies furniture, industrial and bedding wadding for multitude of purpose and applications.