Auswall Cladding Services (Stoneworks)  is a specialist of stone cladding in Australia. It has over 200 types of stone products that include stone walls, stone panels, pave stones, ledge stones and many more.

Products from Auswall Cladding Services (Stoneworks) are used in the domestic, industrial, commercial and civil sectors in Australia. In homes, Auswall Cladding Services (Stoneworks) installs walls, fireplaces, partitions, pillars in various colours and textures of natural stone. Some of the most popular products of stone here are Random Blend, Rusticaus and Random Slate.

Industrial applications from Auswall Cladding Services (Stoneworks) include the construction of external and internal walls for strength and durability. The English Rubble is mostly used for these installations.

Commercial applications consist of boundary walls for estates, aesthetic structures for universities and colleges and pillars and partitions in commercial units such as malls, workplaces and offices. Popular stone types here are Slate Grey and Burganti.

In the civil sector, Auswall Cladding Services (Stoneworks) helps in the construction of bridges and flyovers.

Auswall Cladding Services (Stoneworks) is also a leading supplier of glue stone adhesives such as Epoxy.