Melbourne based Ausvogue Direct is a supplier of quality stone tiles in marble, natural stone and mosaic. Ausvogue Direct has been providing products and services at affordable prices since 2003. Some of the distributors of Ausvogue Direct products are Fowles Auctions and Sales, Laws Auctions and The Tile Factory Outlet.

The Ausvogue Direct catalogue showcases a number of high quality tile products. Some of these are black marble, red marble, Onyx, grey marble, white marble, and stone and mosaic tiles. The company also provides customers with stone mosaic strips which measure 120mm x 500mm. These stone mosaic strips are available in onyx, black marble, red marble and white marble.

Ausvogue Direct packages its 500mm x 500mm tiles in cardboard boxes that weigh approximately 12kgs. Smaller tiles in the 120mm x 500mm range are similarly packed and weight about 1.3kgs.

The Ausvogue Direct product range has traditional as well as contemporary tiles. The company uses natural stone in production, as it never wears out. Ausvogue Direct is very particular about quality and consistency. Thus, each tile is individually examined for thickness, colour, texture and the like. The stones used in its products are quarried from the same quarry year after year to ensure consistency in colour and texture.