Ausvogue Direct  provides stone tiles and hardware for residential and commercial units across Australia. These products are imported from other leading manufacturers specialising in the production of quality tiles and home ware. Ausvogue Direct was established in 2003 and has been marketing these products ever since.

Ausvogue Stone Mosaic Tiles from Ausvogue Direct are known to provide a room with a warm and natural feel. These tiles from the company are a mix of the traditional and contemporary styles used over the ages. These stone mosaic tiles from Ausvogue Direct are highly durable and retain their charm and finish for years to come. Each stone that is used to for the production of these stone mosaic tiles from Ausvogue Direct is individually inspected for just the right thickness, colour and consistency.

Ausvogue Direct ensures that it uses stones from the same quarry year after year to maintain a consistent feel in all its tile products.