Creating a commercial space that is completely out of the ordinary, but offers all the convenience of an off-the-shelf solution is a common challenge for architects and builders, yet it is possible with Austratus.

We were proud to help Architects EAT realise their vision for the new 8Bit venue – a restaurant offering creative burgers and retro-video game branding.

Architects EAT is a Melbourne-based, award-winning architecture and interior design practice, known for delivering attention-grabbing, sensory and tactile experiences. Their brief for the new 8Bit venue in a food hub at 360 Collins Street was to create – an interactive space with pockets of intrigue and surprise with varying heights and levels that is both inviting and unique.

We worked closely with both the architect and builder to brightly powdercoat the Austratus tracking system and install our timber profiles to create a distinctive suspended ceiling feature ‘cloud’. The green and yellow colouring was designed to mimic a video game pixel look – in keeping with the 8Bit brand.

As always, the Austratus system was supplied as a complete package including the prefinished timber profiles, joiner clips and steel suspended ceiling rails.

The Austratus Fin Profile was chosen to provide extra depth and dimension. The classic square shape adds dynamic shadows to your space and allows your creative flair to truly stand out. Use curved or straight, you can create interest any way you choose. Choose to powdercoat your Hemlock timber to any shade to truly create an installation that fits your vision. And of course, natural timber is a high performer when it comes to acoustic absorption – perfect for busy shared eating spaces.

Our clients told us that the best bit about using Austratus was the supply of the entire package – saving their clients money in both labour and materials and allowing them to create an installation that’s unlike anything else in Melbourne restaurants.

And, they were able to achieve something completely original which was also cost effective and appealing – which is a great challenge to overcome!

The feedback from the builder was that the Austratus system was just so easy to use. Because it’s the whole package and already engineer approved, the time savings were huge, and the tracks were simple and reliable to use.

Of course the Austratus difference is more than just the product, and we were happy to hear that our commitment to customer service made working with us the smoothest part of the project.

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