Austratint  provides variety of window films composed of thin polymer sheets. These window films preserve the aesthetic look of the building. Solar films provided by Austratint comply with the new House Energy Rating because of their improved energy efficiency. Solar films have the capability to block 99 percent of UV rays. These are also known to reduce heat and glare upto 90 percent. Other features of solar films supplied by Austratint include retaining heat in winter and protection of carpets, curtains and furniture against fading.

Solar films, by helping in the reduction of heat from the windows, contribute towards less usage of air conditioners. Reduction in the usage of air conditioners also decreases maintenance of the equipment. Solar films are available in either clear or coloured finishes.

Safety films provided by Austratint help to strengthen glass by preventing injuries caused due to broken glass windows and doors. These films are available in diverse range of colours ranging from clear films to grey films. These safety films also provide solar protection. These are ideally suited for buildings having glass partitions and also can be placed at homes on sliding doors and windows.

Security films provided by Austratint are known to strengthen glass and form a good alternative to unsightly bars that are used for protection against intruders. These films can be clear or are available in varied colour ranges. Security films are seven times thicker in comparison to the normal films. Other features include good absorption and resistance. These security films are ideally recommended for burglary prone areas.