Austratint , specialised in flat glass window tinting, was established in 1986. Austratint has been providing services for both the commercial and residential sectors. Austratint provides versatile and cost effective window films. These window films supplied by Austratint serve multi purposes. These can be used for improving energy efficiency, safety, security and also for enhancing the look of office or home.

Window films provided by Austratint comprise of a thin polymer sheet. This polymer sheet is eventually stuck on the inward facing side of the window thereby giving an entirely a different look to the window and even the room. Window films are also used for heat reduction and to provide a decorative look.

Austratint provides four different types of window films which include solar films, safety films, security films and decorative films. Decorative films offered by Austratint can be used to enhance the look of any décor. These window films are available in varied colours and patterns. These decorative films devoid the usage of pre decorated glass.

Decorative films are available as either opaque or translucent. Opaque decorative films block the light completely while translucent films allow the entry of light. These decorative window films provide a feeling of privacy.