Australian Waterslides and Leisure  supplies varied ranges of waterslide attractions. Racer slides provided by Australian Waterslides and Leisure comprise of four, six or eight lanes. Racer slides are ideally intended for racing purposes and are achieved using specially designed mats. White Knuckle rides designed by Australian Waterslides and Leisure include whip and speed slides. Whip slide is a fast slide using 800 millimetre tube. This tube gets dropped in a 360 degree loop very often making the ride more thrilling. Speed slides are available in both open and tube sections. This ride starts from a platform height of about 18 to 25 metres and slopes all the way down to the exit.

Whirlpool rides swirl the riders into various tubs that have been placed in accurate positions along the length of the slide. Riders travel down from whirlpool to whirlpool before reaching the landing runout. Australian Waterslides and Leisure provide computer controlled pneumatic wave systems having varied wave patterns.

Tyre and raft rides designed by Australian Waterslides and Leisure are either open having splash guards or consists of full tube. Open and tube slides are standard slides which can be used by the whole family. These are available in open styles and tubes having different diameters. These slides form the main attraction of all waterparks.