Australian Waterproofing Consulting  manufactures products which can waterproof showers, decks, bathrooms, window openings, swimming pools, ponds, foundation walls, courtyard, tunnels, courtyards and even parapets in a cost effective manner.

Australian Waterproofing Consulting was established in October 2005. Realising the need for Protectowrap waterproofing agents, the company has been the sole agent to market Protectowrap products in Australia. All the Protectowrap products are suppplied through Marshall Waterproofing.

The various Protectowrap waterproof products marketed by Australian Waterproofing Consulting includes Protectosill, Protectotape, Anti fracture membrane, Whisper mat CS, Protecto wall, Premium energy sill sealer, Protecto seal 45, Primers.

All the waterproof membranes are made up of rubberised asphalt. Anti fracture membrane is composed of reinforced polyester fabric while Protecto Seal has an aluminum foil laminated on to the rubberised asphalt. JS140/60 has an inert material sandwiched in between rubberised asphalt.

The advantages of these products is that these can be used once laid that is, it does not require any curing time. These waterproof products are single application sheet membranes which are UV stable.