Australian Waterless Grass Systems  supplies various kinds of synthetic grass. These synthetic grasses include imported grass varieties and suitable for applications including lawns and even as artificial turfs. Synthetic grasses from Australian Waterless Grass Systems have been specifically designed to tolerate the diverse Australian climatic conditions as well as suitable for commercial and residential applications.

Australian Waterless Grass Systems serves as a one stop shop for the installation of different kinds of synthetic grasses. This grows at a considerable fast rate as well as requires minimal maintenance. Lawns made using synthetic grass offer an eco friendly methodology of saving water usage. These lawns also provide a perfect finish to landscaped garden as well as increase the money value of property land.

Synthetic lawns from Australian Waterless Grass Systems are suitable for people suffering from ailments like allergies and hay fever. These lawns do not required to watered, mowed, sprayed, fertilised or even weeded. The unique feature of synthetic grass is its real grass like appearance.