The Australian Water Recycling Institute has become the premier provider of water reclamation systems in the country thanks to the company’s extensive experience in the use of membrane filtration, sequence batch reactors, and advanced oxidation technologies for wastewater treatment.

The newest addition to the WRI line, the AquaTex SBR advanced water treatment systems, use biological sequence batch reactors and biofilters populated by mixed bacterial cultures for biodegradation of non-volatile and volatile components to innocuous and non-hazardous end products.

The AquaTex SBR advanced water treatment systems have been designed with a number of objectives in mind, including:

  • Offer considerable financial savings
  • Eliminate long term liability associated with landfill waste
  • Reduce toxic transportation 
  • Reduce costly paperwork
  • Eliminate hauling surcharges

The following are some of the advantages of the AquaTex SBR advanced water treatment systems
  • Treatment vs. Disposal
  • On-site biological treatment
  • Destruction of industrial waste to simple innocuous end waste
  • Reduce hazardous operations
  • Economically biodegrade waste to water and gases for discharge