Formed in 1982, Australian Urethane Group is considered a leader in the production of polyurethane applications. Their products are exported to the Middle East, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. The product categories that Australian Urethane Group offer include polyurethane systems, polyurea and packaged foam systems.

Polyurethane systems consist of rigid foam, adhesives, binders, elastomers and RIM. Australian Urethane Group has developed systems where rigid foam can be used with the help of spray, pour or block applications. These display high thermal qualities and are mostly used in the marine and refrigeration industries.

Adhesives from Australian Urethane Group are available as two component systems or as a single component system. The binders offered are either crumb rubber binders or regular foam binders. Australian Urethane Group provides customers with elastometers that are typically used in the film industry to create special effects. They are also used in the mining industry as wheel chokes or cross overs for cables.