Topcoats developed by Australian Urethane Systems include Polyglaze100, Staingard1110 and Staingard6072. Each can be used as a UV resistant colour stable coating system directly onto specially prepared surfaces, or as UV stable topcoats. The topcoats have no VOC’s and low odour, have excellent mechanical properties and are flexible and seamless.

The Polyglaze100 comes in a single pack with a moisture curing system, polyester urethane and is aliphatic. It is recommended that it is applied as a finish coat for waterproofing systems. It is wear resistant and sand can be broadcast for a non slip surface. It is ideal for the upper layer of a car park deck system or similar.

The Staingard1110 is a two component, aliphatic, polyester system. It performs best as a chemical and stain resistant on factory floors, animal enclosures and aircraft hangers. The Staingard6072 is a two component, solvent based system with a polyaspartic topcoat. When downtime is limited, high gloss levels are required. The application process is similar to the Staingard1110.