Australian Urethane Systems have developed an aromatic hybrid polyurethane and polyurea based coating called the Auspray MH752. It creates a plastic like protective shell when sprayed on polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, timber and other suitable substrates.  It is a rapid curing, elastomeric and two component spray which improves resistance and stiffness.  The Auspray MH752 has a number of excellent physical properties and a Shore D hardness of 70 to 80, an elongation of 40% and tear strength of 450. It is formulated to provide high temperature heat dimension stability.

The spraying characteristics allow for fast and even application with a smooth finish. The Auspray MH752 by Australian Urethane Systems can be used as the impact resistance coating for EPS architectural mouldings, decorative sections and artificial rock facades; in coating applications with resistance and flexibility are required, and as resistance coating for theatrical props and sets.

The Auspray MH752 has no VOC, is 100% solid and has good thermal stability. It has a low shrinkage factor and cold temperature impact, as well as providing an excellent protective surface.