Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) and Polyethylene (PE) are similar flexible foams, with EVA being slightly softer and having a better recovery after compression, and PE being slightly firmer. 

Australian Urethane & Styrene (AU&S), stocks 45kg/m³ and 60kg/m³ EVA and 30kg/m³ PE.

EVA & PE are typically used in custom transportation boxes and other applications where a strong impact absorbing material is required.

Special Effects Foam is a polyurethane designed specifically for use in the movie and special effects industry. SE foam is ideal for creating sets where explosive charges will be used as it will not ignite the foam set.

Like regular urethane, it can be carved and cut with hand tools to create the set. SE foam has been used successfully in a number of major motion pictures.

Floral foam is coloured foam for use in floral arrangements. Floral foam is softer than regular foam, so flowers can be set into it. It comes in a grey or green colour.

Phenolic is the foam of choice when fire hazards within structures must be kept to a minimum. Phenolic foam has a minimal effect on the overall fire hazard of structures in which it is installed, while still providing good thermal insulation properties.

Care must be taken when determining whether to use this foam, as the mechanical properties are not as good as other foams Australian Urethane & Styrene supplies.