Polystyrene is a commonly used foam due to its comparatively low cost, versatility and ease of use. 

Australian Urethane & Styrene cuts and supplies all standards specified in Australian Standard 1366.3, and several other grades for speciality uses.


  • Closed cell lightweight cellular plastics foam produced from polystyrene
  • Material has been modified by the addition of flame retardant additives
  • Produced to meet the requirements of the Australian Standard 1366 part 3
  • Products not covered in the standard are made for special applications
  • Gains good insulating properties from the stabilised air trapped within its cellular structure
  • Contains no CFCs or any other gas that can escape to harm the ozone layer or decrease its insulation properties
  • Highly resistant to the adverse effects of moisture content
  • Good floatation properties
  • Low cost
  • Able to withstand the effects of temperature cycling thereby providing long term performance in low temperature applications
  • Provides no nutritional value to vermin or pests, including termites
  • Styrene can be painted with any non-solvent based paint


  • Insulation of homes, commercial premises, vehicles, and pipes
  • Widely used to clad (as a base for render) residential homes as it provides an insulated, energy efficient home
  • Packaging of products to minimise damage in shipment
  • Cost effective void formers in building and construction applications
  • Construction of signs, letters and shapes for a variety of uses
  • Film and stage sets
  • Marine buoyancy devices