Australian Urethane & Styrene supplied an innovative structural dome concrete slab system for a renovation project in Mudgee.

Mudgee couple Bruce and Linda Wilson worked with Lynch Building Group to use an alternative to the conventional and often wasteful ways of installing a concrete slab while laying the foundations for a renovation and extension to their 1880s house in Springdale.

The structural dome concrete slab system, known as Cupolex, differs from Rib Raft, Waffle Pod and other polystyrene concrete void systems, with Cupolex dome components used to create the concrete slab manufactured from 100 per cent recycled plastic. The domes interlock in a pod configuration and can be fully ventilated.

The concrete slab system has also helped Bruce and Linda Wilson successfully reduce their carbon footprint. Key benefits include reduced power usage from cooler interior temperatures; protection against rising damp with the system providing an absolute barrier with no capillary action possible; zero waste solution; and low concrete requirement.

Originally developed for the US Air Force as a solution to ventilate radon gas from new buildings, the Cupolex system is ideal for use in regional areas such as Mudgee thanks to savings on transport and concrete costs, according to Managing Director of Australian Urethane and Styrene, Geoff Benson.

He adds that the conventional system of waffle pods results in 2-3 cubic metres of waste, which can be expensive to dispose. Cupolex also delivers OH&S benefits.

Cupolex is suitable for use on varying soil types because of its ability to absorb ground movement. The structural system is also being considered for water storage.

Australian Urethane and Styrene is the national distributor for Cupolex, with Reozone distributing the product in NSW.