Australian Urethane & Styrene  (AU&S) cuts and supplies Expanded Polystyrene at industry standards for general and speciality applications. 

Polystyrene is the most frequently used of all foam due to its comparatively low cost, adaptability and ease of application. Expanded Polystyrene is a variation of closed cell, lightweight cellular plastic foams produced from polystyrene  Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) gains exceptional insulating properties from the stabilised air trapped within its cellular structure and likewise sees abundant application in the insulation and construction industry. 

Low in cost in comparison with other insulating foams, Expanded Polystyrene contains no CFCs or any other gas that can escape to harm the ozone layer. 

EPS is able to withstand the effects of temperature cycling thereby providing long term performance in low temperature applications. EPS provides no nutritional value to vermin or pests, including termites  

Applications of expanded polystyrene include:

  • Insulation of homes, commercial premises, vehicles, and pipes 
  • Widely used to clad residential homes for thermal insulation 
  • Damage safe product packaging
  • Cost effective void formers in building and construction applications 
  • Construction of signs, letters and shapes
  • Film and stage sets
  • Marine buoyancy devices

At AU&S, expanded polystyrene is produced to fully meet the requirements of the Australian Standard 1366.3 industry code. Furthermore expanded polystyrene from AU&S has been modified by the addition of flame retardant additives for increased reliability and safety.