Ecomate, available from Australian Urethane & Styrene , is an innovative family of polyurethane foam systems. ecomate is laboratory and field tested since 2000 and also it has demonstrated advanced characteristics to meet current and future market needs.

ecomate, the new polyurethane system develops the polyurethane industry, providing an all-encompassing answer to environmental, market-driven, and governmental laws regulations and mandates, without the outrageous added costs associated with every alternative blowing agent offered by the competitors.

Methyl formate, commonly known as ecomate in the polyurethane industry, was recently awarded VOC Excempt Status by the EPA.

Tests show that ecomate does not contribute to tropospheric ozone, commonly known as smog, which occurs when VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and nitrogen oxides react in the atmosphere.

Class one rigid foams have successfully passed and been awarded Fire-Retardent E-84 Class one classification in the United States, using ecomate as blowing agent.

The significant features of ecomate include the following:

  • It requires less expensive polyesters
  • It requires less Fire Retardant
  • It requires a lower Index, therefore requires less isocyanate
  • It requires less blowing agent. (It has a lower MW)
  • It has a lower thermal conductivity
  • It has a lower foam weight loss
  • It is a less flammable blowing agent
  • It does not require expensive explosion proof equipment dispensing equipment
  • It is completely stable in premix.
  • It is a better solvent and has better wetting of substrates
  • It has better adhesion
  • It has better flowability