Australian Urethane & Styrene  supply polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam for movies, stage and sculpting.

In terms of movies, these foams are useful because they can be easily cut and shaped as required. They can offer a range of styrene densities, from cost effective low density styrene to load bearing high density styrene for a quality finish.

They also have specially formulated special effects urethane foam that is designed to be fire resistant. It is used by special effects teams who sometimes use small explosive charges on sets.

In drama theatres, polystyrene foam is often used for sets and stage backdrops because it is lighter and safer to use than traditional wooden sets.

Medium density polystyrene is the material of choice when sculpting. It provides a good finish when shaped and is also cost effective and easy to carve. Cutting machines can also cut a two dimensional side profile to provide the basic shape for further sculpting.