Cupolex, now available from Australian Urethane & Styrene , is an environmentally friendly alternative to polystyrene concrete foundations that is made from 100% recycled plastic.

It is constructed from recycled, non-toxic polypropylene, making it an affordable yet durable structural dome concrete slab system that can contribute to GREEN or LEED certified building.

Cupolex domes easily interconnect with each other to create a self supporting structure that acts as permanent formwork, and an absolute barrier against moisture. This reduces the potential for rising damp, with no capillary action possible.

Cupolex concrete slab systems can also provide significant reductions in the volume of concrete, reinforcing steel and labour required to install, and unlike polystyrene or waffle pods, Cupolex components are black, and hence glare free.

Additional benefits of using Cupolex include:

  • arrives on site packaged and ready to be installed
  • quick and simple to install with basic hand tools
  • can be easily adapted to site variations
  • minimises concrete wastage; and
  • minimises construction traffic damage.