Australian Turntable Co.  are providers of commercial truck and freight turntable solutions. Truck turntables, available from Australian Turntable, have the ability to minimise loading dock space and maximise net lettable areas, while reducing truck loading and unloading times.

The truck turntables provide business owners with the opportunity to provide a safer workplace by minimising the requirement for trucks to reverse into driveways and loading docks.

As well as improving logistical efficiency, the truck turntables allow businesses to elevate safe workplace standards and improve their position as an employer of choice.

Australian Turntable use the 3D software interfacing and laser cutting technology to custom design and manufacture a range of truck turntable solutions from small transport up to large trucks.

Australian Turntable work with architects, builders, developers and planning authorities to ensure truck turntable solutions can be incorporated into new building plans or retrofitted to existing buildings.

Built to ISO 9000:2001 standards, truck turntables can be easily aligned with existing freight docking facilities that have full safety system options and require minimal maintenance.