Window shutters represent an aesthetic and functional response to the Australian way of life. Shutters go beyond mere stylish window dressing to add value to the home by providing thermal insulation, natural ventilation, light control, energy savings, privacy and a more optimal use of the living space.

Two key facts about windows underline the importance of window shutters: Up to 87 per cent of heat is typically gained through windows; and up to 40 per cent of heat escapes through windows. Timber shutters, especially those made of Western Red Cedar, are proven to offer the highest level of thermal insulation, outperforming brick, concrete and steel, and minimising the entry of heat in summer as well as loss of heating in winter.

Given the multiple benefits that window shutters are expected to deliver, how can you make sure you are specifying the right brand of shutters for your client? What are the key differentiators that will give you confidence you have selected the most efficient shutters for your project?  Why should Open Shutters be your preferred choice for window shutters?

Excellent thermal performance

For over 25 years, Australian architects have been using Open window shutters to create unique design solutions that allow homeowners to manage the transition between their indoor and outdoor living spaces. In addition to flexible control of light and airflow, Open Shutters’ Western Red Cedar shutters contribute immensely to the thermal performance of the built space.

Traditional design perceptions for window coverings are based on the premise that installing shutters outside the building would block the sun and prevent heat gain.

However, Open Shutters’ internal timber shutters have the ability to manipulate and control temperature from inside the building, with Western Red Cedar’s excellent thermal properties preventing heat gain by 32.1% and also reducing heat loss by up to 47 per cent. Cedar has an R value four times that of brick, making it an excellent thermal insulator. Cedar also prevents heat transfer 2,000 times more effectively than aluminium. Consequently, the need for air conditioning or heating is reduced, resulting in lower electricity bills.

Customised shutter solutions

Open Shutters custom designs, prototypes, manufactures and installs window shutters to meet the architect’s specific application requirements and design expectations. Customisation not only ensures a professional fit but also provides freedom of choice in terms of shutter style, size, shape, material and colour. Unlike the limitations of mass-produced standardised shutter solutions, every single component of Open window shutters can be specified for customisation by the designer leaving no room for compromise. The shutters are offered in a clear natural timber finish or coated with Open’s unique UV-resistant, lead-free acrylic paint system in a preferred colour.

High quality materials

A proven brand for over 25 years preferred by architects, designers and specifiers, Open Shutters is committed to quality and craftsmanship across their diverse product range comprising of Western Red Cedar shutters, aluminium shutters and louvres. Timber shutters and louvres from Open Shutters are made of premium grade Western Red Cedar sourced from eco-sustainable managed forests. Every Western Red Cedar shutter is cut from solid timber unlike cheap imports that have engineered finger-jointed wood at their core with a glued-on cedar veneer surface. Open’s Western Red Cedar shutters are naturally strong, stable and durable with low shrinkage and high resistance to warping, ensuring lasting good looks and performance.