Building design professionals understand the importance and implications of quality. The quality of building materials, components and fixtures will determine the durability, longevity and appearance of the structure over the long-term.

Sustainability advocates continuously stress upon the importance of ‘buying local’. The environmental benefits of buying locally produced goods and commodities are obvious: When products need to be moved over shorter distances, there are savings to be achieved in transportation costs, packaging and carbon emissions.

However, buying local delivers additional benefits beyond the environment: A locally produced item supports local jobs, benefitting the community. There is also greater responsibility on the manufacturer to ensure product quality. The buyer will have the assurance of product warranties being respected by the local manufacturer. Locally made products will also receive assured servicing and maintenance support. 

In addition to all these advantages, there is one aspect of buying local that architects, designers and specifiers rely on to ensure their design outcomes meet the project specifications and the client’s expectations: The flexibility of customisation. Cheaper imports restrict design planning with standardised sizes and finishes. A local manufacturer is, therefore, the best resource for custom solutions.  

For over 20 years, Open Shutters has been customising high quality shutter solutions for thousands of homes, hotels, resorts, restaurants and offices across Australia. The creator of the original plantation shutters, Open Shutters has evolved into one of Australia’s most popular brands of custom made timber shutters and louvres. Australia’s most-awarded shutter maker is also a home-grown business success story with their products Made in Australia for Australian conditions and continuously improved through innovation, skill and development.

The preferred brand of timber shutters and louvres among Australian architects for managing the transition between external and interior living spaces, Open Shutters provides customised design solutions to meet particular size, shape, blade profile and finish requirements. These bespoke shutter solutions are designed and made to exacting standards, and delivered to the site fit for purpose anywhere in Australia.

Made from sustainable Western Red Cedar, the timber shutters are handcrafted by Open Shutters’ master craftsmen to meet varied design challenges from non-standard sizes and unusual shapes to bespoke finishes and components individually specified by the designer for each application. The timber shutters directly address Australians’ love for the outdoors by opening up new possibilities for flexible and inspired use of the built space.

The use of premium grade Western Red Cedar sourced from eco-sustainable managed forests in Open Shutters’ timber shutters adds value to the home. In addition to a beautiful appearance, the timber shutters facilitate natural airflow, control entry of light, improve ventilation and enhance aesthetics. By blocking the entry of harmful UV radiation, the shutters also protect floors and furnishings against fading.

Western Red Cedar is naturally strong, durable and stable with low shrinkage and high resistance to warping – long-lasting qualities that the sustainable timber imparts to every shutter crafted by Open Shutters. Unlike mass produced imported engineered wood shutters, Cedar window shutters can stand up to the extremes of Australian weather conditions, making them suitable for applications across the country.

Western Red Cedar plantation shutters have been tested to offer the best performance among all internal window coverings in preventing heat gain. Cedar’s high R value makes it an excellent insulator, saving energy by reducing the need for running air conditioning or heating systems.

The advantages of Open Shutters’ Made in Australia made-to-order timber shutters are many, and include access to accredited designers and skilled installers; professional onsite consultation on shutter design; wide choice of customisation options; master crafted finishes; excellent product quality and resilience; reliable long-term warranties; and superior after-sales service.

For over 20 years, Australian architects and designers have relied on Open Shutters to bring their inspired and creative visions to life. Call 1300 136 911 to begin your shutter design collaboration.