OpenShutters has a new range featuring traditional styling 

Whether you seek a modern or a historical styled house, the architectural detailing delivered by window shutters will add value to a home. 

The Colonial Range brings together some of OpenShutters’ much loved traditional shutters. These hand-crafted shutters offer historical detailing suitable for a French, Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial or Victorian influenced home. OpenShutters continues to be a boutique manufacturer producing hand crafted shutters and louvers. 

Traditional Plantation Shutters 

Traditional plantation shutters have aerofoil blades and a traditional timber tilt rod. 

  • Blades: Aerofoil blade 70mm and 90mm
  • Can be designed to function with most window / door / opening designs

Colonial Shutters 

The Colonial shutter utilises an aluminium tilt rod and flat profile blades. They don’t look out of place with rustic styling or a cosy loft.

  • Blades: flat blade bullnose 68mm or 90mm
  • Can be designed to function with most window / door / opening designs

Heritage Louvers 

The heritage louver, has bevelled slats fixed at a set angle. OpenShutters is one of a small handful of suppliers to provide this traditional look. 

  • 80mm bevelled blade fixed at 60 degrees
  • 55mm bevelled blade fixed at 45 degrees
  • Suitable for French doors, and popular for external use

French Louvre

Designed with a small flat blade, the French Louvre is used mostly for decoration beside windows on the facade. 

  • Blades: flat blade bullnose 35mm 
  • Suitable for cupboard doors and external decoration

Quality Australian Product

These hand-crafted shutters and louvers are created, one blade at a time, by master craftsman on the NSW Central Coast.  OpenShutters apply design thinking to difficult shapes and tight spaces, helping to turn your design ideas into reality. And because OpenShutters are Australian based, you can easily pick up the phone and get technical advice as required.