Architects and building designers often use practical design concepts to create efficient structures that maximise space utilisation, lower energy consumption, and optimise thermal performance. However, for a long time, practical, functional design also meant compromising with the aesthetics and visual appeal of the building. Accommodating practical design principles would often mean working within specified boundaries and limited material choices. Not anymore.

New developments in the building industry focus on meeting the architect’s design objectives for practical functionality, eco-sensitivity and visual appeal. One of the primary challenges in building design for architects and specifiers concerns thermal performance, which is determined not only by the design but also the choice of materials.

Glazed windows, for instance, are an important design component in creating light-filled and well-ventilated spaces, and also represent an aesthetic addition to the overall design plan. However, standard glass windows are poor insulators, allowing heat to radiate inwards in summer and escape in winter; consequently, there is greater load on the air conditioning and heating systems, increasing energy consumption.

Window shutters from Open Shutters are stylish and affordable additions to windows that also increase the thermal performance of a home. Available in a wide choice of sizes, shapes, materials, colours and customisation options, these shutters not only enhance the overall aesthetic appeal but also control the amount of heat, light and air allowed inside, helping to create a comfortable indoor environment throughout the year.

The Open Shutters range

Open Shutters’ signature range of window shutters and louvres in timber and aluminium opens up new possibilities in flexible use of built space in a cost-effective and energy-efficient way. Specified in new constructions as well as renovations, these shutters are a preferred design solution for managing the transition between internal and external living spaces.

The bespoke window shutter range is handcrafted by master craftsmen to meet the specific requirements of architects and designers for size, shape, blade profile, opening, colour, finish and material. Open Shutters’ collection is any specifier’s dream, with a multitude of combinations available to meet every design preference.

Open Shutters’ Design Thinking culture encourages architects and designers to bring their design ideas to life by creating fit-for-purpose timber and aluminium shutters and louvres to meet their clients’ requirements.

Western Red Cedar shutters and louvres

Open Shutters’ responsibly-sourced timber of choice, Western Red Cedar combines excellent thermal properties and strength with long-lasting stability and good looks. Available for both interior and exterior applications, the cedar collection offers choice of traditional and contemporary designs for fixed to bi-fold openings; narrow and wide frames; and finishing options including painted, stained and lacquered coatings to raw, supplied ready for any finish. While cedar shutters in natural timber finishes have a timeless appeal, they can also be supplied in a painted finish, colour-matched to a desired shade using Open Shutters’ proprietary non-toxic and UV-resistant acrylic paint system.

Aluminium shutters and louvres

Aluminium shutters and louvres completely define ‘practical design’ with their long-term weather-proof and fade-resistant characteristics. Though specified mainly for exterior applications, the Open Shutters range includes interior as well as exterior aluminium shutters and louvres custom designed and manufactured to specific design requirements. The made-to-order range can be supplied in an anodised aluminium finish or powdercoated in a preferred colour including rich timber.

Open Shutters and the environment

A recent study that compared the thermal performance of some of the most popular types of window coverings including shutters, blinds and curtains in a range of different materials found Western Red Cedar shutters to be the best performer among all types. With an R value four times that of brick, cedar is an excellent thermal insulator outperforming polymer, concrete and steel.

Specified for both residential and commercial projects in new constructions as well as retrofits, Open Shutters’ cedar shutters deliver ongoing savings to savvy buyers by reducing heating and cooling costs. Made in Australia, Open Shutters’ timber and aluminium shutters and louvres are low maintenance products with the quality components and finishes lasting effortlessly for a long time.