Australian Timber Shutters  manufactures varied kinds of timber shutters. Open Plantation range of timber shutters manufactured by Australian Timber Shutters comprises of solid timber shutters. These are also known as slim shutters and comprise of panels having width less than 850 millimetres and aerofoil blades which are slimmer and flat in shape. These slim shutters provide a traditional heritage look to interiors. These accessible timber shutters are custom designed to suit specific needs.

Open Plantation timber shutters designed by Australian Timber Shutters are made of solid cedar which is known to have good insulating properties. It also consists of semi concealed aluminium tilt rods in addition to flat aerofoil blades. High grade fittings are also available with these shutters.

Open Lite range of shutters are manufactured from solid polymer and provide a timber painted look. These are resistant to moisture and UV rays and are known to be a stable product because the wood does not either warp or shrink. The Open Lite range consists of clearview shutters having solid thermalite blades. Open Lite shutters are the ideal choice for urban environments and are custom designed to suit various dimensions. They are also known to be termite and borer resistant and fire retardant and consist of concealed tilt rods and can tolerate diverse weather conditions.