Australian Timber Shutters  manufactures timber shutters and markets these shutters under the brand name of ‘Open Shutters’. Australian Timber Shutters has been serving the industry for about 20 years. Open Shutters are custom made shutters which suit almost all home décors.

Open Shutters manufactured by Australian Timber Shutters are available in a diverse range, providing wide choice to customers. Open Ultimate range comprises of handcrafted Western red cedar shutters. These shutters ideally blend with contemporary interiors. Each shutter manufactured by Australian Timber Shutters fits perfectly with the window openings ensuring against cutting corners.

These custom shaped shutters provided by Australian Timber Shutters are available in round, arches and triangle shapes. The shutters consist of fixed or movable blades and also provide extra blade size options. There are no flimsy clip on parts and instead a combination of fixed and moveable blades and panels are used. These shutters are available with deluxe fittings and do not have polystyrene or fake craft wood.

Open Ultimate range of shutters comes with adjustable shutter blades made of aerofoil. These shutters are painted with special non toxic UV resistant paint. This helps to control the flow of light and air uniformly. Various special shaped panels are available with these shutters, which are hand crafted to match exactly with the dimensions of the windows.