The Australian Tile Council (ATC) is an association formed to safeguard and promote the ceramic tile industry, and it operates on behalf of its members.

The association’s central purpose is:

“To represent the industry to do collectively those things individual members could not effectively achieve independently.”

The Australian Government recognises the association as the representative body of the ceramic tile industry, and its services and input are often sought when policy and legislation relevant to the industry is amended or introduced.

The association provides its members with information of relevance to the ceramic tile industry, including event information, new product brochures, industry news, technical information and tiling literature.

Industry newcomers are encouraged and welcomed by the association, and it offers support and assistance for those interested in obtaining an apprenticeship, regardless of their age.

The association also provides individuals currently employed in the ceramic tile industry with information regarding training courses that may enhance their skills, and it provides an array of online training courses for members.

Members are granted free access to the association’s Tile Reference Manual, a 200+ page publication comprised of useful tiling information.

The association has developed its own Code of Ethics, and members are required to uphold all aspects of this code in order to maintain their membership.

The Code requires that:

  • Members supply quality ceramic tiles and lay them correctly
  • Members operate in a fair, ethical and equitable manner
  • Advertising is honest and not misleading 
  • Tiles and associated products comply with Australian Standards
  • Customer complaints are dealt professionally and efficiently