Australian Temporary Fencing  provides diverse range of temporary fencing products. Road barriers supplied by Australian Temporary Fencing have many advantages. They come with a water fillable system intended to perform ballast and energy absorption. The road barrier can be either used singularly or as a whole system. It is manufactured from UV stabilised polyethylene and can be stored easily. It can also be interlocked easily. These road barriers help to enhance traffic delineation and work zone safety. It can be used for controlling crowd at special event venues and in housing estates.

Australian Temporary Fencing provides Truss-T-Rail system which is known to be a total solution during house construction. It is available in kit form and comprises of brackets, posts and rails. Australian Temporary Fencing also supplies diverse range of accessories which can be used with various fencing products. Accessories provided by Australian Temporary Fencing include panels, shade cloth, barb wires, extensions, handrails, dog proofing, warning lights, cones, bollards, chrome stanchions and safety signs.

Chrome stanchions supplied by Australian Temporary Fencing are available either with rope or plastic chain. Handrails give protection to people by keeping them away from blocks. Shade cloth is available in colours such as green, black and beige.