The use of MASSLAM, a range of massive glue-laminated timber members from Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH) at the Macquarie University Incubator Building has been featured prominently on the document published by Arup about timber in construction.

Arup’s ‘Rethinking Timber Buildings’ document covers seven perspectives on the use of timber in building design and construction including: Managing carbon through timber; Timber densification strategies; Wood and wellbeing; Prefabricated timber; Sustainable sourcing; Knowing the material (e.g. fire, acoustics, durability); and, Innovating with wood.

Arup’s document, which features the MASSLAM project on the front and back cover, details the many benefits of using timber in the modern built environment.

Arup’s Macquarie University Incubator Building was built using prefabricated floor cassettes, supported by IRON ASH treated MASSLAM V-columns. It makes sense for Arup to promote such a project, particularly relating to mass timber and its recent popularity in the built environment.

Mass timber products such as MASSLAM are ideal for construction due to their high strength, high appeal and favourable cost when compared to other construction systems.