Australian Sunshaders  provides diverse range of thatched roofing systems tolerant to different weather conditions. Products offered by Australian Sunshaders include Thatched gazebos, Revolvashade umbrella collection and PVC and Vistaweave blinds.

Thatched gazebos designed by Australian Sunshaders comprise of three components which include thatch tiles, galvanized steel roof frame and posts. Thatch tile present in the roofing systems offered by Australian Sunshaders is manufactured from Cape Reed straw grown in South Africa. This thatch tile forms the core of gazebos designed by Australian Sunshaders.

Thatch tile is available in traditional as well as tropical roof formats. Traditional roof thatch tiles have a neat cut look where as the tropical roof tiles give a bushier look. Cape Reed straws are moulded to form a polyurethane base strip. This polyurethane base strip, due to its flexibility, forms curved shapes.

Thatched tiles supplied by Australian Sunshaders are available with six clips which enable easy fastening of the tile to the galvanised steel frame. Galvanised steel frames can also be powder coated for giving an improvised look to the gazebos. Koppers logs having size of 125 millimetres are used as posts for fixing the gazebos on the ground.